Etiquette Training

Professional / Workplace Etiquette Training

Your receptionist is the first face of the company most people see and meet. They need to be well spoken, well-groomed and have the skills to present the company well. Etiquette, such as shaking of hands, offering tea and coffee, as well as body language, is very beneficial for a person fulfilling this role.
In our ever changing society, the fundamental rules of Etiquette remain a much needed skill, in order to maintain a level of respect and hierarchy with in our working environments.
 This training is claimable under BEE Skills Development.

In company etiquette, we come through to your offices, and cover the following:

• Personal Hygiene
• Conversation etiquette
• Handshaking Etiquette
• Work Dress Etiquette
• Electronic Communication Etiquette
• Introduction and Greeting Etiquette
• Dining Etiquette
• General Social Etiquette

Etiquette Training lasts an average of 3.5 hours.
Training is available in English, Zulu, Tswana

Each Trainee is given a booklet with all the Etiquette we cover printed in it, for future reference.

Cost for the training is as follows:


1 Trainee – R 2,590.00

2 Trainees – R 3,190.00

3 Trainees – R 3,790.00

4 Trainees – R 4,290.00

5 Trainees – R 4,790.00


1 Trainee – R 2,690.00

2 Trainees – R 3,290.00

3 Trainees – R 3,890.00

4 Trainees – R 4,390.00

5 Trainees – R 4,890.00

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