Client Feedback


9 Nov 2021 – Housekeeping training

Thank you so much Nikki, we can already see such a huge difference and have also learnt a lot ourselves about how to clean properly.

V is perfect and a good understanding teacher to Julia, she has made a big difference to how Julia approaches her work (…) 😊

Thank you, Fatima 


8 Nov 2021 – Laundry training

Thank you so much!  They both loved it!
Vanessa was really amazing and our cupboards are so beautifully organised!

Many thanks :)


2 March 2021 – Thanks So much she absolutely has taken this training seriously and my home looks amazing

Thanks a mil to Vanessa 

Regards, Rosanna


12 January 2021 – Hi Nikki,
Hope you are well.
I am impressed with the training today and am very happy I did this for James.
Regards, Anina

21 January 2021 – Dear Nikki,

Vanessa did a great job. Forgive was excited about the training and is looking forward to practicing.
Thank you so much!!!

October 2020 – Thank you for the service and a special shout out to Vanessa, she is an absolute gem!  Amazing work ethic and a great personality.  I am happy with what she did with Catherine.

Thank you for the checklist and Schedule.

Regards, Veronica

October 2020 – Good morning Nikki,
Thank you so much for the update.
The training was wonderful and I would certainly recommend it to others.
Kind regards, Ruan

October 2020 – Evening Nikki, my sincere apologies for sending a message so late, I just wanted to let you know that Basetsana Kumalo is most impressed with the training that Vanessa has provided to her domestic, she is excited about the next lessons. Have a lovely evening.


September 2020 –  Hi Nikki,  From my side.  A HUGE Thanks.  Elinah is enjoying the training a lot.

I can see that you have the best trainer EVER and she can surely say that she is influencing a lot of households with her great skills!

Well done.  Thanks a mil! – Regards, Fredrick

21 Aug 2020, – Thank you very much for a wonderful course, and kudos to Vanessa for the way she worked with Katrina. She is a wonderful role model. Thank you for the schedule. I will print a copy and keep it handy. Katrina is very proud of her certificate!
Warm regards
Jan 2020 – ‘Hi Nikki, Charity and Alga have been practising up a storm. We would love for them to do the next class as soon as possible.’ Joni in Randburg RE cooking training


Sep 2019 – ‘The training was great and I am very pleased with the feedback from my Nanny & (from the) Trainer.’ – Lorato in Greenstone


Aug 2019 – ‘Thank you for yesterday (Housekeeping training) we clearly saw a change and we like it a lot.’ Raymond from Benoni

17 May 2018 – extract from email received for a laundry class

Hi Nikki

Thank you so much for sending Connie to come and train Palesa,  I’m so happy with your service . 




24 Jan 2018

Hi Nikki,

Wow the ladies are ecstatic about Connie, her manner and her knowledge!

Thank you so much for your brilliant business concept (which I will certainly advocate)

Thank you to Connie – the ladies can’t wait to see Connie again, as they already have a host of questions.

Thank you for the feedback as well!

Have a good Wednesday,


16 January 2018
Direct quote from an email received today:  “She (the domestic student) loved it and Vanessa is very friendly and easy to work with, so we only have good things to say about the lesson. She’s looking forward to the next phase!”
Extract from email received this morning:
“Mariska <mariska@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
1 Nov 2017 09:05 (55 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Nikki
Vanessa was just brilliant – Johanna feels like an empowered woman – knowing how to do things and of course taking it back into her own home too!
My daughter also learnt a lot – she is off to Australia next year so any quick / handy tips is most welcome.
Have a great day,
Andrew South
09:48 (15 minutes ago)
to me 
Morning Nikki,
I would like to thank you and Vanessa for the fantastic service and training that you gave Sabetha. The change and improvement in her work is remarkable.
I will refer my friends to you and feel free to use me as a reference.

Leandre van der Merwe
1 Sep 2017 (3 days ago)

Hi Nikki
Hope you are well?

I just wanted to commend Connie for her excellent teaching and training skills. What a lovely person she is, and to see Buhle so enthusiastic is a great privilege. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and dinner yesterday, and the Laundry course has made a huge difference. Thank you!

Kind regards,

From: Dr. Yvonne Holt
Sent: Friday, May 5, 2017 12:24 AM
To: Nikki Jooste <>
Subject: Re: Domestic Cooking Classes
“Hi Nikki,
Thanks for an excellent course! Nondu has learnt so much and Vanessa was a brilliant teacher! She was always on time and patiently taught Nondu until she was sure that she understood.
The recipes were delicious too!
Thanks again, 
Sent from my iPhone”
10 April 2017 – Here is an extract from a whats app message from a current client: “Morning Nikki, Thank you so much for yesterday (cooking class by Connie)! Johanna had a ball and cant wait for the next session”…
“She is coming right with the recipes! (We) Are really enjoying it.”

4 April 2017 –

Here is an extract of an mail recieved today from a loyal client, who is looking for more training for her helper.

“Hi Nikki

In 2015 you did laundry training with my char Briget. I was more than very impressed with your training and was planning on doing home cleaning training last year.
Briget was pregnant and had a little girl so, under the circumstances, I decided to postpone the training until this year.

Are you still able to assist with this?

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Warm regards

20 January 2017 – 
“Hi Nikki
Hope all is going well in the US. I just got home, spoke to Fumu and Vanessa did an amazing job. I cant believe I have not done this earlier. It has made such a difference , the short time she spent here. He is excited about his job again. He wants to do the housekeeping lesson , so I would like to book that when she is available for that .
Many thanks”
– email received today about yesterday’s class.

11 Nov 2016 –

“Jocelyn Hathaway
18:52 (14 hours ago)
to me
Hi Nikki
You are truly amazing – I can already notice a big difference !
Thank You !”
-recieved for Housekeeping and Laundry Training earlier this week.

February 2016
“We can already see a huge difference, the house “feels” and even smells, cleaner and it’s definitely
more organised already.  I know there’s still a lot of work, from our part especially, but so far I’m very happy with what
Teleza has learnt from you.
Kind Regards
 January 2016
“ Dear Nikki,
What a wonderful dinner we had tonight!
I like your ideas
Sent from my iPad”
 January 2016
“Dear Niki
It seems that the first part of your training went well. I’ve just arrived to a nice smelling and clean house in Pretoria. Sincere thanks for your effort so far.  I’ll be in Pretoria until Tuesday, so I’ll be here part of Monday when you do the next session.
Thanks once again.
 March 2016
“And please don’t stop offering this service – 1) people simply don’t offer this anymore and I do believe that there is a demand for proper training, and 2) I am very happy with the how far she has come.
Again, thank you.
Kind regards
Bruwer Schoeman”
“hello Nikki,  This is just a report back on three lovely lessons given by the wonderful Busi.   She is a great teacher, thorough, kind, patient and enthusiastic, giving the impression that she is loving what she is doing.   She has inspired Mike, and helped him a lot with kitchen and household, cleaning and hygiene tips .   He has now gained confidence and masses of kitchen smarts.
She is really good at her job and we feel that the course was well worth while.
thank you have a great day”.
“Hi Nikki
Mr Mukoki was impressed with Busi.  How many lessons would they still need?  Kindly please let me know, so that I can arrange that.”
   “Thank you so much for the cooking course for both my maids…everything tasted delicious and it feels likes such a relief that I never have to cook dinner again!”
“HI Nikki, I popped into the house today and was incredibly impressed by Busi. I think we should do the house cleaning / house keeping training as soon as possible.”
“Thank you for the feedback Nikki. Busi have been so helpful and Promise have really learned so much.
 I will stay in contact regarding cooking classes.”



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