Cleaning Training

Domestic Cleaning / Housekeeping Training

Come home to a well organised, clean home!

This Household Cleaning Training is made up of two separate classes, hosted in your home, of four hours each.

Only after correspondence with you (via email or Telecom), concerning your needs, and required outcomes, will we send a Trainer out to your house.

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (corna-virus), we would demonstrate and emphasise the importance of good personal hygiene, regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser to help keep this virus under control.

We cover everything from product selection and usage, principles of cleaning & correct cupboard packing, right through to watering of indoor plants and feeding of pets (if needed).  This whole course is customized to suit your household needs, and as such, we focus on routine and attention to detail.  Because each person and household is different, it takes two classes to cover everything needed to keep your household running smoothly.

Training is available in English, Zulu, and Tswana

The Trainer will teach your domestic the best way to clean your house, and how to show loving care to your household items, by matching each to the correct cleaning product and the best cleaning utensils.  In our training we suggest the use of cleaning products which are gentle yet effective, such as Sugar Soap, Bicarbonate of Soda and White Vinegar.  It’s amazing the results you can get from these simple products.

Basic Course Structure covers:

  • Time Management
  • Honest, clear communication with your employer
  • Job requirements and expectations
  • Furniture care and raw wood care
  • Indoor plant cleaning and watering
  • Work consistency and Establishing Cleaning Routines
  • Correct Product Usage and Good Cleaning Habits
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Organization and Maintenance Thereof
  • Detail cleaning such as plugs and plug holes, silicone, tape/glue residues etc.

We provide a handy Manual for your Domestic, covering everything taught during the training.

The cost per four-hour lesson is:

Johannesburg:                             R 1,690.00

Pretoria / Krugersdorp:           R 1,790.00

– Extra Students charged at R 650.00 per class

We provide a handy manual for your Domestic, covering everything taught during the training.  Notes and further explanations are written into the manual during the training session, so no information is lost.

After class 2, we will leave behind a checked off checklist of detailed cleaning practices taught during the classes, which also states if any further cleaning equipment or chemicals are needed, as well as a customised, detailed weekly cleaning schedule which has been explained and demonstrated to your Helper.

 Other out of Town Rates by request (Muldersdrift, Haartebeespoort, DBN, CPT, PE etc.)

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