Cooking Training

Domestic Cooking Training

Come home to a Homemade Healthy Dinner every day!

This Cooking Training is made up of three to five separate classes of four hours each, hosted in your kitchen.

In class 1, we come through to your home and teach your Domestic basic kitchen skills.  We cover kitchen hygiene, personal hygiene, knife safety, getting ready to cook, and menu preparation.

We can teach Banting style cooking, LCHF or traditional meals like Curry and Rice or Chicken A la King.  It all depends on what you are looking for.

We have standardised the recipes in class one so we can measure the student’s abilities correctly against their peers.  This will give us a clear indication of how many lessons you should need to book.

  • 3 types of Roast Chicken    (Traditional, Honey Mustard and Crumbed Roast Chicken)
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise         – Banting option available
  • Pumpkin fritters                  – Banting option available
  • Creamed Spinach

After lesson one we can teach anything you would like.  I have a list of recipes that I know work well, that I can send you later to look at.

The class is structured for practical hands on training.  The trainer demonstrates, and the student replicates.  Any student errors are addressed and further demonstration is given if needed.   The trainer will not leave until they are 100% confident that the student is competent with what was taught during that day.

The cost per four-hour lesson is:

Johannesburg:                    R 1,650.00

Pretoria / Krugersdorp:       R 1,750.00

Cape Town:                           R 2,450.00

– Extra Students charged at R 650.00 per class

Out of Town Rates by request (Muldersdrift, Hartbeespoort, DBN, PE etc.)

This includes:
Main Ingredients for Meals/Recipes
– we use your extras like milk, oil, spices, flour etc
Knife Safety and Selection
Basic Kitchen Hygiene
An easy-to-read handbook with training notes and recipes for class 1.
Printed customised recipes for each class thereafter completed in training

Classes available in English, Zulu or Tswana

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