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Domestic Laundry Care Training

Say good-bye to damaged and badly pressed clothing!

This Laundry Training is a once off class of five hours.

We come to your house and assess the current skills of your Domestic Worker and we note the needs of your wardrobe.  We then settle in to teach the needed skills, covering everything from sorting Laundry, Iron care, Product usage, right through to correct hanging of items and correct cupboard packing.

The class is structured for practical hands-on training.  The Trainer demonstrates, and the student replicates.  Any student errors are addressed, and further demonstration is given if needed.   The trainer will not leave until they are 100% confident that the student is competent.
Whatever your concerns, we will ace it!

Our training is available in English, Zulu, Sesotho, Xhosa, and Tswana

Laundry training outline:

  • Interpreting clothing labels
  • Using the correct washing cycle
  • What fabrics to wash together
  • Looking after the machine and keeping it clean
  • Washing powder and softener usage
  • Correct iron care and ironing techniques
  • Hand washing and special garment care
  • Sorting, hanging, and folding of laundry
  • Clothing cupboard organization
  • Basic cleaning of shoes
  • Linen organisation and care
  • How to keep whites, white (without bleach)


We fully understand the personality differences each person and staff member have, and we deal with each person accordingly.  The training is structured to include important Change Management elements, so your staff will be receptive to the training, and they will be left confident to continue integrating their new skills into their daily routines.

The cost per five-hour lesson is:

Johannesburg: R2,090.00  

Pretoria / Midrand / Krugersdorp: R2,190.00 

– Extra Students charged at R800.00 per class.
– Out of town rates by request.

This includes:

  • One on one training in your home
  • A hand book with information on the training practices
  • Checklist of training completed in the class
  • A certificate of completion emailed through to you

Load-shedding If load-shedding is experienced during training, the Trainer will do all the training that does not require power, such as folding and packing cupboards.  She will then wait at the house until the power returns, and then complete the training that requires power, such as ironing.

Classes available in English, Zulu, Sesotho, Xhosa, or Tswana

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