Terms and Conditions

  1. A list of required items for the training will be emailed through to you.  Please ensure they are available on the day for the training.  We cannot teach correctly without the correct products.
  2. The trainer will not leave until they are 100% confident that the student is competent with what was taught during that day. We will communicate with you during the day to advise if this extra time will be needed.  The extra time would for your account, charged at a reduced rate of R150.00 per hour, or part thereof.  In our 5 years of operation, this has only ever had to be applied to Laundry Lessons.  This rate is only for the extension of the same lesson.  For Housekeeping, this rate would only apply after the completion of the 2 suggested classes.
  3. Classes need to be paid for prior to the date of the class. If no communications received concerning the payment, the class will be cancelled.
  4. Ace of Maids occasionally places Domestic Workers in jobs at our discresion. We hold no responsibly for this person what so ever, other than their ability to do certain tasks as trained by us.  We get a copy of ID/Passport and a proof of residence.   We do not run background checks.   This is a service we charge for at R 1900.00 per placement.