B’nB / Guest House Staff Training

I have seen that it can be very difficult to find skilled staff for the hospitality sector.  Especially in the more rural areas, where staff choices are fewer.  Sometimes the most reliable staff don’t have the correct skill set to do the required tasks.

This is where I can help.

I am a qualified chef, and have over a decade of varied hospitality experience, with seven years of offering housekeeping, laundry and cooking training.  I come to your site, and assess the current work situation, and then we can train your staff accordingly.   Whether they are lacking in housekeeping skills, suffering from Menu fatigue, or possibly the launder of linens is not up to par, my team and I can help.

Pricing is varied, as each situation is different.  Prices start from R1790, with AA rates for travel.  Let me know your situation, and I can quote accordingly.

Training is divided into 3 categories: Laundry, Housekeeping and Cooking

Each category includes:

  1. Original assessment of venue, and noting of needs
  2. A Manual for each Student, covering the basics of the training, with space for hand written notes,
  3. Compulsory training on Personal Hygiene and Good work Etiquette
  4. Understanding the bosses expectations, and the employees’ rights
  5. A practical Lesson on how to achieve the best required outcome

We teach the staff time management and how to work fast and efficiently, thus saving on time and money, and we help them understand that flexibility is key to success in this industry.

Uphold the High level of Service Luxury & Cleanliness your clients want.

For more info, contact Nikki on 074 962 5599, or email us info@aceofmaids.co.za